Sunday, March 5, 2017

Happy bornday to me

Yes splendid spending my birthday at home uli donut banyak banyak hahahaha and yes the whole day its raining...good day insyallah...mana tau rezeki makin lebat...insyallah.

Well the best was for the first time ever i have the chance of video call with HIM...tq sayang.Its been 3 times celebrating it with you kan...and he had his hair cut...nice!! love it love it...well a man if they had their hair cut rasa macam 1st day fall in love..cia cia cia...hahahahaha..

Am happy yes indeed i am. More positive in me. All i wish for is untuk hati ini jadi lebih life to be more positive...and to be with my loves ones..

And to all thank you so much for the wishes you all to the max..

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