Thursday, August 10, 2017

Move on

Moving on? Cubalah..try it yourself if you can and if you think its easy..Took me longer..tapi i still laugh smile macam takde benda.Dalam ni biarlah dia rawat sendiri. Dont text me and asked me rindu ke tidak..hey its not that easy yer!

Ada masa macam tetiba dapat idea nak cakap kat semua hey u all i nak quit kerja and am gonna be out of errr i dont know where and i just dont wanna think of anything...bole?

Masa ke Perhentian the other day meet with this young and sgt kind hearted man dari Argentina. Asked him whats his plan ...opps i think ill be in Australia for few months work then ill be back and be on holiday again..senangnya hidup kan..and he is so freaking happy guy tau..i wished am like him...hahaha

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