Saturday, August 5, 2017

The sea..the view..the waves

Yes last week baru balik dari Perhentian..yang ke 4 or 3 been there..i was lucky sebab Black was there and always keep me safe whenever am there..thanks to him.

It was a last minute decision..booked everything somewhere before raya haritu..sebab hmmm...yeah nak release stress sekejap looking over the view of the seas...the waves..the salty smell of the sands..

I was so happy there. And surrounded by good people at heart. I really wanted to cry out loud masa kat burst everything..but never a minute Black allowed me to do so. He always there accompany me..making me laugh..making sure i had my meals..checking on me at all time.

Honestly i missed him badly. But decision been made and i cant turn it around. He has his own life now and i bet he must be happy with it. Dari dulu lagi ive made myself a promise..its ok if am the one who gonna get hurt sebab theres only me alone..if its vice versa..akan ada banyak hati yang akan sangat sangat terluka.

I have kept his kain safe in the cupboard..i did not put it next to me anymore..takpe sampai bebila it will always be with me..

Masa having dinner kat chalet cafe..looking at the view of the ocean tgk matahari terbenam..i wished hes there with me..then started airmata bertakung..haish!! macamanalah nak move on ni kan...hahahaha..

So next day kat Perhentian had a snorkeling trip with black and group of Argentina was superb fun...they were singing atas boat..hahahaha..and semua sangat sangat frendly..Black selalu paksa i snorkeling..hahahaha sorry boh tak mau! Tapi janji will snorkeling with him masa kat last pit stop...the coral sangat cantik..and yes jumpa ikan pari masa snorkeling aritu...cuteeeee sangat!!
I'll definitely akan return there again and again...

How i wished you are there with me...swimming looking at the superb view..yeah we promised we planned tapi tak pernah dapat kan..and since its over now..tak mungkin dapat lah sampai bebila..hahaha...but well i always kept those angan angan..tak salah rite?

I still remember the last time we really spent time together kat Kuala Terengganu n Kelantan dulu..itupun kena menyamar..yeah masa balik tu hati siapalah tak sakit kan...all the way till Ipoh looking outside and airmata meleleh jer..grrrrr... but that was the last time me and arwah Cik Mat jumpa..i missed him too.. he used to tell me "He always happy when hes with you" .. yupe i always remember that...and sebab tak nak dia pening biarlah dia happy now with his life...hahaha...

Anyway ..masa kat KT the best moment bila dapat teman u mancing ikan..hahahaha...walaupun bosan nak mati..but being with you always makes me smile..tgk muka kerut kerut tahan panas..pastu tangan tu dok betulkan rambut pastu muka buat acah acah macam juara memancing..hahaha...i missed that..pastu i jadik tukang belikan umpan...berialah cakap kalau nampak air bla bla bla situ banyak ikan...hmmm ikan tecikkk jer dapat hahahaha...then you taught me mcmana nak lempar rod tu..hahaha...dont u remember that?

Apapun..memories always remain in me...never once i delete it..the first day we meet pun i still remember..but life got to on..i hold on to those memories..above all that i always love and missed you Chik..

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