Tuesday, October 10, 2017

All  missing now is to hug you so tightly..ada masa rindu tu datang..its ok..theres always a feeling yang you cant describe it thru words..thru writting..something that can make you feel so dowm..yeah admit i miss both of them..tapi what they did to me was beyond my imagination..ill let karma do the work..

Just came back from my short trip to Jakarta and Bandung..thank you to my Mr Blackie sebab sudi temankan..hmmm bab paling best is am not worried perut keroncong sbb x sempat nak keroncong..haha..insyallah planning for next trip to Bangkok perhaps..well i miss laughing at your malatah and those stupid jokes..paling x leh bla bila i show his pics terus tarik muka..siap sound..lenkali u pergi dgn dia lah eh! hahaha...chill lah bro..kalau dia dari dulu sincere definitely ill go with him duhhhh...apapun u still my best travel partner 🖤🖤

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